Fuel monitoring with CANbus Technology

The CANbus network in all modern vehicles is an automotive computer network that runs through all the different vehicle systems carrying large amounts of system information. By integrating a GPS Tracking device via a CAN adaptor we can read this data and use it to good effect on the Tracking Platform.
Eirtrack has currently integrated the most relevant Information picked up from the CANbus so that we can present it to the end user on the Tracking Platform. Information such as Fuel Consumption figures, Fuel Tank level, RPM, Vehicle Odometer and AdBlue level.
As new CAN Adaptors come on stream, more and more information will become available on the Eirtrack Tracking Platform. Future developments will include Engine Torque, Axel loads and HGV Eco Driving among others.
The most popular application of CAN bus data is in the delivery of accurate Fuel Consumption figures and reports. In this example we can see the exact fuel quantity in litres that every journey has used and the average Litres per 100km figures for each journey. The report concludes with a daily summary of total fuel used.

By knowing Fuel Tank levels we can see where refuelling has taken place.

The Benefits of CANbus

Using the Alerts feature on the Eirtrack Tracking Platform you can receive instant alerts via Email or SMS when events such as sudden fuel drop or unauthorised refuelling takes place.

The Benefits of CANbus – what we can monitor*
⦁ Fuel level
⦁ Fuel Consumption
⦁ Fuel Theft
⦁ Exact odometer reading
⦁ Ad Blue Level
⦁ Engine Torque
⦁ Axle Loads
⦁ Tachograph Driver ID and Driver Times (HGV’s)