Vehicle Tracking

Without contracts

Aways know the exact location of your fleet, allowing you to give exact ETA’s to your clients and make informed decisions regarding your mobile workforce.

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Main features

Live Tracking

With Eirtrack your vehicle position will update less than every minute when the vehicle is moving.

Monitor Productivity

Monitor and ensure your vehicles are where they should be with less than 60 second live updates.

Vehicle Maintenance

Receive automatic alerts when vehicle servicing, NCT, DOE, Road tax etc.

Fuel Costs

Personal journeys may be using fuel paid for by the business for business activities only. This unauthorised fuel consumption is likely to increase fuel costs. Ensure personal vehicle use is in line with Company Policy.

Driver Behaviour
and Eco Driving Analysis

Using the tracking devices inbuilt accelerometer our tracking software can now score each journey regarding driver behaviour. Score negative points for unnecessary harsh acceleration, harsh braking and cornering.

Our Tracking hardware can be configured to alert the driver using a buzzer whenever an Eco Drive violation takes place. Used in conjunction with our optional Driver ID fobs, driver rating reports and score cards can be produced.

Alerts and Alarms

With Eirtrack you can receive instant notification when preconfigured alarm criteria is met. Receive instant email notification for:


We pride ourselves on our client satisfaction rates and look to supply our vehicle tracking products to clients at unbeatable prices. Our contract plans provides all our customers with the flexibility to avail of our service without the financial commitment required from a long term contract.

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